Travel the world

With me on my bike

Let’s explore the planet together! I am on a mission to ride the world on my bike, leaving no corner of the planet unexplored. A journey where we leave everything else behind, for a bit, yet explore everything this planet has to offer across its dimensions.

Having already lived for an extended period of time on three different continents, and almost having lived many different lives of being a Cop, an English Teacher and a Truck Driver, my desire to see more of this world on my bike has become a passion that drives me, no pun intended.

I have also seen total devastation and life beyond it, after losing everything I had built my life around, to a bushfire. It only made my resolve to not want to settle down in one place and keep exploring the world, beyond borders, even stronger.

I welcome you to be part of my journey, either by joining me, or watching me from the comfort of your device, as I travel around the globe on my bike.