Who am I? What’s my journey?

My background is such a weird background that I’m not really sure exactly where to start.. I’m certainly not starting at the beginning because then this would turn out akin to War & Peace.

But, the relevant things I guess are things like I’ve lived for an extended period of time on 3 continents and I can’t say for sure that I won’t end up living on another continent at some point, after all there are 4 more to choose from!

I spent 5 years living in Lao. Also known as Laos, or the Lao People’s Democratic Republic. I began there as an English language teacher and eventually progressed to being the general manager of the College where I worked. By the time I left we had opened a Primary School and shortly after I left the High School opened as well.

My time in Lao was one of the best periods of my life so far. Honestly, despite one glaring omission in my life at the time I still see this time as the best in my life.

I then spent 5 years in the UK. I became a Police Constable in Hampshire after serving 18 months as a Police Community Support Officer (PCSO). I had a great time, I loved my job…. BUT, the reason I left was pretty simple. People trying to get themselves promoted make life hell for anyone else around them as they try to find something about you that they can use to justify their promotion… oh, and the other reason was copious amounts of ridiculous paperwork.. stupid amounts of it in fact. 

After this, returning to my homeland of Australia I spent another 5 years living in Central Australia where I drove buses and coaches, firstly transporting tourists and then driving in and out of the very remote Indigenous Communities that would take all day to drive to, then you’d spend the night and drive back all day the next day.

It was a great experience but it didn’t satisfy the itch for travelling that I had built up for a very long time. Yes, I travelled.. but my time was not my own! Now I work in road transport (read that as a truck driver) and to be frankly very blunt, it’s the most boring job I’ve ever had. Despite the amount of time I’ve done it for….

….the itch just keeps wanting to be scratched!!!